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EZ Launcher1995BuilderEZ LauncherWordPress Plugin. Version 1.0 Too many people are wasting too much time with Wordpress settings, unnecessarily!

Get your hands onto a breakthrough plugin that will allow you to quickly set up your WP site and get it 'Up and Running' in less than 30 s! Save tons of time and effort by using this automation tool! You can likewise concentrate your major efforts on much more important aspects of your net business… and life! It takes a minimum of 30 min to set-up only 1 WP blog. If you are an online marketer, chances are you have dozens of fresh WP sites to launch on. Why spend countless hours?


BotBlocker1999SecurityBotBlockerWordPress Plugin. Version 1.0 One-click solution able to block 99% of bot attacks used by hackers!

Thousands of WordPress sites are hacked every year. Many owners don't even know that their sites are under brute force attack. We all know that the weak spot is the WP login page. This WP plugin gives you one-click solution so that you can save your site from 99% of bot attacks used by hackers. Unlike other plugins on the market, it neither slows your site down nor breaks your WP theme. It is free of confusing and useless options. It is so easy to use! Stop account takeover!


Simple Geo1997ConversionSimple GEOWordPress Plugin. Version 1.0 Target the right audience by displaying content on your websites based on your visitor location.

Simple GEO gives you the chance to capitalize on GEO targeting. This means weeding out people that are not interested or has nothing to do with the site content you are offering now. Then, you can thus rise quickly your net business to unheard levels! It doesn’t matter what kind of niche site you run. For instance, content that is specific for Australia will be shown only to those people that are connected to your website from Australia.


Turbo GIF Animator1993ConversionTurbo GIF AnimatorPHP Script A powerful attention grabbing tool to deliver targeted messages and increase your audience!

People are becoming less receptive to traditional ads, so smart brands know that they need a new way to catch their eyes. Animated pics are the perfect call to action. It is time to sell your product or service in a more attractive and appealing way. Make GIFs from video and image files in just seconds. GIFs are easier to consume than textual info. Better than static images, and cheaper than video. Mobile-friendly and easily sharable... When people get the ‘in-joke, they buy more!


1991Affiliate MarketingCommission BlueprintTraining Course. Version 2.0 The complete system to making money quickly and easily.

Copy and paste this entire proven system to bring your affiliate campaigns on steroid and get non-stop sales starting right now! Are you sick and so tired of seeing your PayPal account empty every day? Did you try everything you know on Affiliate Marketing but you are still not getting the target results you wished for? Which better describes you? Confusion. Limited info. Wrong focus. Old schools... It doesn’t matter how hard you work, but how SMART you work.


1989Affiliate MarketingCommission BlueprintTraining Course A successful product launch comes down to three basic components. Miss out one and it can all fall apart.

Get the fastest and easiest way to launch profitable affiliate campaings. See how to orchestrate a 6-figure product launch with easy and the methods used by Marketing gurus to ensure that every launch is successful. Get rid of the stress and the fear of a failed product launch. You just need a pen and a paper!... You will also find here information on how start your own affiliate business, get our turnkey list bulding and commission funnel kit.


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